Gold Toe Golf Shoes|Refund within 30 Days- for shoes not worn||1 Year Warranty

New Chestnut Brogue $300


New Black Brogue $300


WHITE Brogue $300
White Brogue Gold Toe Golf Shoes
Venice- Black imitation Alligator Wing tip
Venice faux Bkack Alligator
Siena Navy imitation Lizard Leather
Navy lizard Golf shoes
Siena WHITE imitation Crocodile $300
White Crocodile Leather gold toe golf shoes
Bari 3 Colors imitation Navy/Burgundy Lizard skin|white $300
Bari-Burguandy/white/Navy Gold Toe Golf shoes
Anacapri Black imitation Alligator Skin $300
Black Faux alligator skin gold toe golf shoes
Torino Tan imitation Lizard skin Wing tip/Saddle/ $300
Torino tan lizard wing tip

Black Wing Tip imitation Lizard Skin Leather $300
Black Wing Tip Gold Toe Golf Shoes
Siena-Brown imitation Alligator Skin Leather $300
classic Faux Crocodile Leather Gold toe Golf shoe
Bari-Navy imitation Lizard Skin $300
Bari Navy/White Leather Gold Toe Golf Shoes
Men VENICE-Black/white wing tip $125
Venice Black/White Leather Gold Toe Golf Shoes
Verona Pink Faux Lizard Skin $300
Venice Pink/White Leather Gold Toe Golf Shoes

Bottom of Good Year Construction style Golf shoes

Sole of good year contruction gold toe golf shoes

Why are quality Men’s Golf Shoes so expensive?

Foremost, a decent shoe will have a Goodyear welt on it.

Our Gold Toe Golf Shoes are made with Goodyear Welt Construction used only in the most expense & best quality shoes. The Goodyear welting process alone is worth the cost of admission, in my opinion. You get a shoe that will fit you better, be more water resistant, allows the leather to breathe better, lasts longer, provides better comfort and most importantly the Gold Toe Golf Shoes can be easily resoled once the sole wears.

Two principal advantages for Goodyear-welted shoes, both emanating from the same aspect of construction.

1st, they are relatively water-resistant. Because nothing goes through the face of the insole of the shoe, groundwater doesn’t have an easy path into the interior of the shoe.

2nd, they are relatively comfortable (assuming that the last fits the wearer’s foot well) because there isn’t a row of stitching on the face of the insole to irritate the bottom of the wearer’s foot.

In addition, We put a layer of cork amalgam in the void between the ribs on either side of the insole; and this cork amalgam molds to the bottom of the foot, which enhances comfort.

Additional Quality of Vecci Gold Toe shoes

Is the quality of Our Full Grain leather being used in our Golf Shoe. As with any material, there are different qualities of leather used in shoes. Our Men Golf shoe made of “full-grain leather,” which will last you through a dozen resolings and up to 10 years of wear. Again, the value here is undeniable on a more expensive pair of shoes: 10 years versus 2 (at the most).

Cheap shoes use cheap materials. Cheap shoes won’t even bother with leather soles and will go with rubber instead. Or if they do use leather soles, they’ll fuse them together with glue and forgo the expensive stitching process. These shoes won’t last very long (maybe a year, if you’re lucky) and I’m not even sure if a cobbler can resole them – and it probably wouldn’t be worth the money, since the shoes were cheap to begin with.

Quality Classic Golf shoes-Comfortable-Gorgeous-Attractive to wear

And perhaps maybe the best selling point of a good pair of shoes: recrafting which will extend the life of our Golf Shoes

The important part that ties all this together is the level of craftsmanship that it takes to create a good Pair of Gold Toe Golf shoes shoe

All Classic Golf Shoes have soft spikes Image below.

We stock Our Golf Shoes In D-C-E width| D width is Standard/medium width |C Width is narrower than D| E- width is wider than d-width.

USA sizes 7 1/2 8 81/2 9 9 1/2 10 10 1/2 11 11 1/2 12 12 1/2 13 14
Europe 40 41 42 43 431/2 44 44 1/2 45 45 1/2 46 46 1/2 47 481/2
U K 7 71/2 8 81/2 9 91/2 10 101/2  11 111/2   12 13
Japan 251/2 26 261/2 27 271/2 28 281/2 29 291/2 30 301/2 31 32
France 421/2 43 431/2 44 441/2 45 451/2 46 461/2 47 471/2 48 49
Australia 7 71/2 8 81/2 9 91/2 10 101/2  11 111/2   12 13

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